Cyborg Group Ltd - Accurate Data
Cyborg Group Ltd - Accurate Data

Accurate Data

Be confident that your direct marketing reaches the right person

Get all this off your desk and onto ours! 


Reduce the time you spend on:

  • Checking data: We can review your current data for accuracy – did you know that you could be spending up to 30% of your annual direct marketing budget on reaching people who simply are not there anymore?
  • Standardising the format: We can reformat your current (or new) names and addresses to meet accepted international standards and to look good too – you never get a second chance to make a first impression!
  • Cleaning data: We can de-dupe, merge, purge and enhance to avoid wastage and save you from the embarrassment of sloppy addressing
  • Capturing data: We can input your paper records into an electronic format so you can use it more productively by manual capture or using OCR software



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