Cyborg Group Ltd - Timely Delivery
Cyborg Group Ltd - Timely Delivery

Packing & Fulfilment


Services include:

  • Order receipt and pick and pack processing (with order status updates)
  • Stock control with​ re-ordering levels and reporting
  • Secure Storage in our London-based warehouse
  • Pallet Racking
  • Accurate Hand Pick and Pack
  • Hand and Machine enclosing
  • Direct Mail Fulfilment with Response Management
  • Inkjet Personalisation and print
  • Collating promotional materials and matching personalised items
  • Shrink wrapping, Polywrapping
  • Supply of packaging materials (standard or branded)
  • Single item to complex Direct Mail Campaigns
  • A wide range of cost-effective and timely delivery options to the UK, Europe and ROW
  • Archiving documents and records
  • Store and distribute event goods and materials
  • Store and distribute marketing collateral materials

Call Now: 0208 782 3300

We cater for all your pick and pack and fulfilment needs - give us a call on +44 208 7823300+44 208 7823300 or get in touch with us here.


Cyborg Group Ltd offers cost-effective solutions for all your fulfilment and distribution requirements. Be it direct mailorder fulfilment with personalisationstock handling and reportingresponse handling or storage - we have the experience and the know-how to find your optimal solution within your budget.


We use trusted bespoke systems we have developed and refined over the last 20 years - incorporating the best of both human and technology capabilities. Albert Einstein said: "The computer is incredibly fast, accurate, and stupid. Man is incredibly slow, inaccurate, and brilliant." or perhaps it was Leo Cherne who said it... point proven? Either way, we offer you our expertise and high-quality solutions at a low cost. You will only be billed for what you use and you can pick and mix from our range of services offered. We aim to keep our overheads low and therefore our prices very competitive. We deliver our services using a responsive, flexible model that cater for your needs with the knowledge that we are but a phone call, email or visit away. We take pride in our customer service for our clients and theirs!


Cyborg Group Ltd has successfully handled projects of all sizes and time frames for a great variety of clients across the UK, including leading retail giants, universities, awarding bodies and charities. 

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