Cyborg Group Ltd - Timely Delivery
Cyborg Group Ltd - Timely Delivery

Timely Delivery

Be confident that your direct marketing is being delivered on time, every time

Off-load the logistical headaches onto us!


Reduce the time you spend on:

  • Timely and total delivery: We can make sure that all your direct marketing is delivered to all the targets on time – be it by mail, telephone, SMS, email & web
  • Researching new technologies:  We can keep you up-to-date with all the emerging technologies for direct marketing and will provide you with expert advice so you can make the most of them
  • Response handling, follow-up and analysis: We can manage all your response handling and service requests or orders as required - as well as providing you with regular reports and analysis on response rates and on the quality of those responses
  • Print and mail-merge: We can handle all your print and mail-merge logistics – we routinely handle all the fulfilment aspects of major direct marketing campaigns and will make sure that everything happens as you requested and on time!
  • Mail fulfilment: We can collate by hand or machine and deliver your marketing pieces in envelopes or polylopes or shrink-wrapped. 


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