Cyborg Group Ltd - Comprehensive Database
Cyborg Group Ltd - Comprehensive Database

Comprehensive Databases

Be confident that your direct marketing is targeting the right people

Free yourself from all this!


Reduce the time you spend on:

  • Planning, specifying and overseeing: We can redefine, design, streamline and test a new (or existing) database – so that it totally matches your requirements right down to the smallest detail.  We have the technical know-how needed to plan and develop all types of databases.  We can also make your database accessible online to all the personnel who need it
  • Analysis and reporting: We can provide you with a range of analysis and reporting services so that you don’t need to do all that yourself – and we will also provide regular reviews to make sure that your database continues to meet your marketing needs
  • Hosting data: We can hold, maintain and update the data on your behalf to save you the expense of a database administrator 
  • Ensuring safety: Time-consuming, technical hiccups can happen but, with the reassurance of our off-site backups, you enjoy total peace of mind because your data is always retrievable. Our disaster recovery programmes ensure that your system is running correctly again within hours of an IT failure. 


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